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Data Recovery Service for Hard Disk Drive, SSD & RAID Recovery

Data Recovery by MicroCom Averts Data Loss Disaster!

MicroCom Worldwide Data Recovery engineers have been successfully serving to retrieve data from what were called rotating memory devices a long time ago — now known by most of us as hard disk drives — for well over two full decades.  OK, admittedly the image on the right is a bit more likely to depict what your brain might feel like right now, and not so much what actually went awry in the disk drive inside the failed, intensely troubled computer system you may be staring at.

The point is, MicroCom Data Recovery Service exists not just for profit, but to help you, in your time of need.  We never forget we're a service first.  So whether data on your hard drive was damaged by fire, or by flood — or by any of the numerous, far more likely and usual causes of data loss:  the drive won't mount, it's crashed, clicking, unbootable (i.e., you have a hard drive failure), there is friendly, expert remedy available right now...  just a phone call away:  888.364.1444.

Data recovery success — MicroCom got my data back & saved the day!
So whether you've had a hard disk drive crash/failure, or mission critical files suddenly became inaccessible, or the power went out and now that it's back on again data seems "lost" and your lifeblood information gone with it, we can help.  Did a now former employee reformat a company hard drive?  Did your data back-up process or BC (Business Continuity) plan fail?  Even in the above pictured case of severe environmental damage to your equipment...  whatever your situation — world-class MicroCom data recovery experts can get your data back — safe and sound.

Why Choose MicroCom . . .

R/W head and platter assembly

Data recovery service is all we do, including encryption/decryption issues involving the clearing of encrypted hard drives (along with the closely related field of computer forensics for defective, non-functional hard disk drives).  Please — make no mistake, the service life of all hard disk drives is inherently unpredictable, all data recorded upon a failed drive stands in peril of permanent lossno one, no data recovery firm can promise or guarantee that your data is recoverable prior to a hands-on investigation!  MicroCom is totally focused on offering our service to help you overcome your emergency.  This is who we are...  data recovery is our only business.

More reasons:


Data on Failed Hard Drives:  Our Specialty
Laptop HD with penny
An amazing mechanism (with its cover off), storing as much as a terabyte of data inside a laptop computer.

Hard drive recovery (or rescuing data from any other storage medium for that matter) is as much an art as it is a science.  The technology involved in the process of recovering data from devices based on spinning disk technology often require an advanced level of expertise.  One false move and your prognosis for retrieval of data may worsen, quickly, permanently.  Our chief engineer has over 26 years experience recovering data and knows every trick in the book.  In the same way that you would expect a medical surgeon to protect your well-being and do no harm, exposing you to a minimum of risk, every member of our rigorously trained recovery engineering team is keenly dedicated to protecting the media that holds the recordings of your data during the diagnostic analysis phase.  Since 1989, thousands of grateful clients have learned, if MicroCom can't get your data back no one can, and the reason is, quite simply, the data exist no longer.

Data Recovery Service for All RAID-5, SAN/NAS Data Storage Subsystems - Any Level, All Types - Professional Specialists

You may be also assured that our data recovery engineers have seasoned experience with all operating systems & platforms, running on all manner of data storage equipment hardware, which includes not only hard disk drives (HDDs), but also Solid State Devices (SSDs) and optical discs (DVDs & CD-Rs).

Apple (R) logo It's no obstacle for us whether your trouble or data recovery requirement has arisen with a MacBook Pro®, a or a heretofore trusty iMac G5®, based on any of the "feline" breeds of Apple® Mac OS, or whether disaster reared its head on a complex RAID running UNIX (e.g., SCO, Solaris), Linux, Novell Netware, AS400, RS6000/AIX, or even on a classic DOS or any of the wide array of more modern Microsoft® operating systems such as Windows 7®, Windows XP®, Win2K or
Windows 2003/2008 Server — we'll get your data back if it still exists, with unsurpassed courtesy and consideration combined with the most advanced skill and tools available.

MicroCom Worldwide Data Recovery
but it's not so far away . . .          

Our long list of clients includes companies and individuals from all over the world.  So whether you're in Los Angeles or within driving distance from Los Angeles, or in New York, Miami, Chicago, or Denver...  Hong Kong, England, Indonesia or Timbuktu — wherever you are...

We're only one day away by FedEx®, UPS®
or any other major overnight courier!

If your hard disk drive is still under manufacturer's warranty, MicroCom extends the additional consideration of sending the defective hard drive back to the manufacturer for a warranty replacement.

Some verbal applause from clients...

"I am sitting here at my computer working on a major project and I can't even conceive of how I would be able to do this if you hadn't recovered all of my files from over 30 years of designing training courses for customer service, management, team-building and strategic planning.  Thank you and all of the talented and kind people who work with you.  Not only are you folks technical wizards, but your customer service was compassionate, informative, and just perfect!"
Dr. Susan Berk @ Encino, California

"Many thanks to you and your team on the recent recovery of the RAID-5 data belonging to our client.  We are in the litigation support business and this was the only copy of the data... [and it] was crucial to our client's defense.  As you know we first tried a larger national service who was not successful, despite [their] reports (and charges) to the contrary.  Each time I present you and your team with a new challenge, you always come through for me."
Robert Pallasch @ ACT Litigation Services

I AM A HERO . . .
"I received my hard drive back today and my data.  Originally I sent [the hard drive] to Ontrack in Minnesota; they said the FAT was damaged, and the JPEG files they did recover would not open. then I clicked through a few other folders, you guys had recovered that portion too and in that one [folder] every single Italy picture opened — and I am a hero — and you are why!  So thank you, thank you; thanks to the engineers.  I'll put whatever you guys want on my letterhead...  I'll post you guys up online...  I mean — that was huge!"
Barry Byrd, CEO & Co-Founder @ HRAmerica

"We received the recovered hard drive yesterday and were able to transfer files back to the user's computer without any problem.  She is very happy to have all her data back!  I'd like to hope we don't encounter any additional hard drive failures in the future, but it's great knowing that there's someone out there who can help us if we do.  Thanks again!"
Curtis Osmun, Systems Librarian @ The Art Institute of Chicago

" ...I would like to commend the exemplary customer service and technical support of your employees... always available to help and willingness to bend over backwards in order to get the problems solved...  A JOB WELL DONE."
Janet Schaeffer @ New York University

"Scripts for the Martin Lawrence Show were destroyed when the computer crashed...  MicroCom was able to rescue our data within 24 hours...  Now that's service!"
Tom Waller @ GPO Independent Production

" ...recovery seemed almost impossible because the electronic hardware had been submerged for more than three days following the flood of May 8, 1995. We are grateful for the data recovered..."
Sister RoseMary Penouilh @ Congregation of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

" ...all the technical folks I spoke with including system engineers at Seagate Technology said it was probably gone forever...   I'm ecstatic to have my data recovered.  YOU ARE THE BEST!!"
Mike Nortz @ CSEA

"The Loss of a body of work, one that has been the focus of a laborious effort for months on end, is undoubtedly the most debilitating experiences one could ever face in his or her professional career. You and your staff over at MicroCom, were well aware of this.
     I just want to say that you guys are lifesavers, professional, accommodating and timely. Your service is of the highest quality. The entertainment industry and others alike, should turn to MicroCom for data retrieval hands down!"

Gunther W. Sonnenfeld II, Promotion Producer @ Access Hollywood

"Thank you for recovering all the files on our hard disk that died...  This information was extremely important and no backup was available...  Thank for your prompt & courteous service."
John R. Niemeyer @ Foster Farms

" ...I received the drive back with the recovered data (several days earlier than had originally estimated)..."
Jim Shouse @ Texas Instruments

"I would like to express our satisfaction in your prompt attention and quality service...  the data you salvaged from our hard drive was integral in completing a proposal & we want to thank you for saving our data."
John Morris @ Beech Aerospace

" ...had we lost the disk, we would then have been in lots of trouble since our databases change very rapidly...  Our problem turned out to be a virus which damaged the disk.  Before the promised day, you returned the disk to us.  The disk functioned correctly with no data lost."
David Gold @ Advanced Business Telecom, Inc.

"I sent the recalcitrant drive to a company that boasted a 96% retrieval success rate.  But I must have been among the 4% failures...  I contacted MicroCom... working with expertise, intelligence, and persistence, they were able to find and piece together almost all of my irreplaceable material."
Dr. Beth R. Neman @ Wilmington College

"All of us here at Rapid Repair sincerely appreciate the excellent service that your company gave us.  Your company provided us with first class reliable service in a crisis situation...  It is without reservation that I would recommend your company."
Uly Grant (owner) @ Rapid Repair

"After spending hours on the phone with Symantec technical support, they said the hard drive needs to be reinitialized for it to function properly, but that would mean losing all my data... brought the hard drive to MicroCom.  We got all of our data back within two days."
Lincoln Loftus @ Warner Brothers

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"WE HAD GIVEN UP HOPE . . . recovering contractual data content a user had lost due to a laptop disk failure. We shipped the unit to an­other company and within 24 hours they stated that the data was too damaged and was unrecoverable. We then sent the unit to MicroCom and within 8 hours they deter­mined that the data was in fact recoverable. Our business user literally would have lost 2 years of important company data had MicroCom not pulled through. We were beyond delighted with this outcome and will only use MicroCom if we ever are faced with a data recovery issue in the future."
Denise Evans, Vice-President, IS @ MGM Studios, Los Angeles

    "MicroCom's Data Recovery Services are AMAZING!"
Rick Springfield - Musician @ Hollywood, CA
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    When our SCO UNIX drive failed, we sent it to one of the biggest data recovery companies in the US. They said our data could not be recovered. Completely devastated, I decided to email MicroCom. From the moment I got a response from them, I began to feel like there was still hope. MicroCom came to our rescue and recovered every single file we needed. Thank you MicroCom for getting our data back!"
Anky Wirawan @ CV. RIZKI AGUNG - Bandung, Indonesia

MicroCom Worldwide Data Recovery Service
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MicroCom Worldwide Data Recovery Service
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Long Beach, CA

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