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Data Recovery in action inside one of our Class100 CleanroomsIt's our only game.  Every day we recover computer data for people under considerable duress!  So we fully understand that your loss of access to your data is anything but a game.  And, it is exactly here that the service MicroCom offers departs from what has become the norm among new data recovery firms proliferating since the millenium.  The safe recovery of your information in danger is serious business to us.  For us it's a matter of who we are.

We are expert, committed to what we do, and seasoned by years of experience as well as by living through computer industry history in the making.  Our technological forté is the hard disk drive and MicroCom was founded in the nineteen eighties while the remarkable history of today's hard drives was still in its infancy.  In general, MicroCom supports all computer hardware used for storing data.  Our expertise includes all magnetic data storage devices as well as most other types of media.  Your valuable information — seemingly lost files that can no longer be accessed by your computer system — are the target of our enduring enterprise.  We are unconditionally committed to spear-heading, not to mention strict adherence to best practices standards within the data recovery industry.  Whether deleted, damaged through drive failure, reformatted or whatever, we can get that missing data back!

Founded in 1989, MicroCom developed and has now acquired an enviable reputation with an exceedingly high success rate.  We provide emergency service to some of the largest companies and corporations in the world.  Having received many requests over the years to render a "second opinion", each of our recovery engineers are repeat victors in reclaiming data for a client when one of our well-known competitors had previously declared the same data as unrecoverable,
occasionally overcoming daunting odds.  And even though we enjoy a reputation among Fortune 500 firms as world-class, first-tier data retrieval specialists, we also believe in the great importance embodied within the operation of small and medium sized businesses, and of every bit as much importance to those of us here at MicroCom — individual users.  After all, MicroCom is a small business, and we too are individual people.  This is the reason why we are here.

Your information is safe with MicroCom.  Our continuously honed, well-polished in-house security system makes sure of it.  Every last detail of all services we provide to our clients is accomplished under one roof — our roof — this is what we mean by the expression "full-service".  And so, we absolutely control every aspect of any and all work done on your behalf.  We never send work out to other companies or expert contractors as do many in the data recovery industry today (we know — we have several recurring clients who over many years have sent their most difficult recovery work here to MicroCom).  All this ensures that your data is secure, totally confidential, safe.  Please check our Privacy Policy for supporting information.

We appreciate the extent to which electronic information has evolved to become integral for the well-being of individual people, just as it always has been for businesses, ever working to advance as recognized and viable participants in their own competitive industries.  It may be a game, but it's not one taken lightly by us.

Every day MicroCom Worldwide Data Recovery recommits itself to provide excellent care for clients both large and small.  We do this not only in a way that's fair and affordable with respect to our measure of expertise and diligence, but also in a way that's earnest and, we hope, unfailing in extending the same courtesy and level of value to every person and every entity.

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Chatsworth, CA  91311,  USA

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    ...recovery seemed almost impossible because the electronic hardware had been submerged for more than three days following the flood of May 8, 1995. We are grateful for the data recovered."
Sister RoseMary Penouilh @ Congregation of Our Lady of Mount Carmel


"Working on a major project I can't even conceive how I would be able to do this... recovered all of my files from over 30 years of training design.  Thanks to the talented & kind people... Not only are you folks technical wizards, but your service was compassionate, informative, & just perfect!"
Dr. Susan Berk @ Encino, California

"WE HAD GIVEN UP HOPE . . . recovering contractual data a user had lost due to a laptop disk failure. We shipped the unit to an­other company and within 24 hours they stated that the data was too damaged & unrecoverable. MicroCom within 8 hours deter­mined that the data was in fact recoverable. Our business user literally would have lost 2 years of important company data had MicroCom not pulled through. We were beyond delighted with this outcome and will only use MicroCom if faced with a data recovery issue in the future."
Denise Evans, Vice-President, IS @ MGM Studios, Los Angeles


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