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  • One of the oldest full-service providers of hard drive data recovery service on planet Earth, MicroCom has been in business for well over 25 years.  We are established, friendly, reliable, well-known, highly regarded, approved by the disk drive manufacturing companies, and proud to offer this service to the people of Burbank.

  • MicroCom's chief engineer has been dedicated to performing and advancing the technology of data recovery service for nearly 30 years, always right here in your local area.  His tremendous skill is paralleled by very few and is widely respected within the industry.

  • You call the shots during every step of your recovery process.  No surprises.  Your MicroCom case agent will keep you informed every step of the way.  No A happy MicroCom client saying "YES! I got my data back!" evaluation, cleanroom or data recovery fees will be charged, unless they have first been approved by you.  You never pay a data recovery fee if your data is not retrievable.  You call the shots, period!

  • MicroCom always practices the science of data recovery on a "first, do no harm" basis.  The protection and safety of your data come first.  It is understood that this approach is not always the fastest or the least expensive, but MicroCom recovery engineers know that your data is irreplaceable and may be invaluable, and so, this is the only assumption with which they begin their work.  A course of action or any chance that puts your information at risk of permanent loss is simply not optionable unless we first discuss alternatives with you.  Read more about MicroCom's "first, do no harm" best practice method of data recovery (CLICK HERE).

  • In the role of rendering second opinions, MicroCom has many times over had the great pleasure of "begging to differ".  Over the years we have recovered data from drives declared unrecoverable by all the major companies in the data recovery industry, all over the nation — and you can get this advantage now, right here within the Burbank area.  If you would like to receive just such a "second opinion" (or a third), make a call, if the engineers at MicroCom can't get your data back, it's unlikely that anyone can.

  • Location: Whether you need data recovery in New York, Florida, Dallas, California, Tahiti or Timbuktu...  We're only a day away by FedExTM, UPSTM , USPSTM or your favorite overnight delivery service.

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MicroCom uses website domain providers committed to Earth-environment friendly sources of power!

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