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Data Recovery on hard disk drives, when performed at its best, is specialized and time consuming, requires consummate expertise, and in our view, requires a reverence for the client's data.  Although certain data recovery providers do business using a high-throughput, "cookie-cutter" approach, this cannot be considered best practice.  If being served by a firm with such reverence is of interest in your selection process regarding data recovery service, please read forward.  On the other hand, if your computer information has a fairly limited value and its damage or loss, while undesirable, is not of great consequence, you may wish to save some time and go in search of a firm promising low, "flat-rate" fees.  Certainly, all data recovery companies are not the same and it may be that, in your particular case, MicroCom is not the best selection to serve your need.  We respect all people and all requirements; go in peace with our best wishes.  Yet if you have questions and are still within your process of clarifying pertinent issues, please do call us and take advantage of our free consultation service.  Additional knowledge is a low-cost avenue to avoid unintended outcomes.  Knowledge is provided daily, and easily available to you, always free from MicroCom — at no cost.

Since no data recovery firm can understand the value of data in the same way as the owner of the data understands it, assuming utmost value is always the proper attitude with which to implement the service.  Owing to particular reasons pertaining to the way all hard disk drives operate, BEST PRACTICE can be defined as advanced, strictly adhered to procedures through which the science and artistry of data recovery operations are enacted on a "first, do no harm" basis with respect to any and all prerecorded computer information belonging to each and every client.      [Click on text-links in this paragraph for details.]

Best practice for the data recovery industry requires high technological and scientific expertise, proper facilities, expensive instrumentation, and other equipment.  Additionally, it requires critical attention to the unique details specific to each unique client's case.  Avoiding short-cuts that place your data in jeopardy must be held in the highest regard, at the top of the list, on the practitioner's agenda.

Worried laptop user. We present good information elsewhere on this website for you to consider, illuminating in some detail both the risks inherent with all data recovery service, as well as potential dangers to the physical safety of your data, perhaps now existing only upon a failed hard disk drive.  Best practices ensure that potentially recoverable data is never placed in harms way.

The service provider you select – to save hard disk drive data that is of significant value and is now residing solely upon a failed mechanism –
should be chosen from a perspective based on identifying a service provider that can demonstrate appropriate knowledge and a deep understanding of what actions are safest for the preservation and recovery of that data.  The hard drive in a failure mode where the disk platters continue to spin, especially when accompanied by the dreaded "clicking" sound, is often producing ongoing, permanent damage to the magnetic coating on the drive's platters (CLICK HERE to view a picture).  Data cannot be recovered from a damaged magnetic recording medium by any service.  This reality translates to permanent, incontrovertible loss of data.

Therefore, recognizing which actions will create the best chance of precluding further damage, while enabling the safe extraction of the raw magnetic information, will most often not be discernible, or certainly in a business sense not fiscally responsible, from a perspective driven by the profit concerns inherent in a "flat-rate" data recovery business model.  Placing a hard drive that is the repository of valuable, but now inaccessible data into the wrong hands can at best decrease, or at worst, forever eliminate your chances for recovery success.  One wrong move and it's "goodbye" to that Unix Server, or the 10,000 eMail messages and addresses that have been stored in the computer's mailbox over the last several years.

There may be any number of factors driving your choice for selecting a data recovery service provider, and reasons are likely to vary from case to case.  Certainly financial concerns are important to everyone.  Ultimately it comes down to value.  It's about the value you place on your data.  Know this:  if you absolutely, positively have to get your data back, the safety of your data must be maximized and you must keep loss risk to your data at minimum, you have every reason to enlist the data recovery services of seasoned, experienced, highly skilled professionals.  Please choose carefully.

Why Entrust Your Valuable Data to MicroCom?
  • One of the oldest full-service providers of data recovery service on planet Earth, MicroCom has been in business for well over 20 years.  We are established, friendly, reliable, well-known, highly regarded, and approved by the disk drive manufacturing companies.

  • MicroCom's chief engineer has been dedicated to performing and advancing the technology of data recovery service for over 24 years.  His tremendous skill is paralleled by very few and is widely respected within the industry.

  • You call the shots during every step of your recovery process.  No surprises.  Your MicroCom case agent will keep you informed every step of the way.  No A happy MicroCom client saying "YES! I got my data back!" evaluation, cleanroom or data recovery fees will be charged, unless they have been approved by you.  You never pay a data recovery fee if your data is not retrievable.  You call the shots, period!

  • MicroCom always practices the science of data recovery on a "first, do no harm" basis.  The protection and safety of your data come first.  It is understood that this approach is not always the fastest or the least expensive, but MicroCom recovery engineers know that your data is irreplaceable and may be invaluable, and so, this is the only assumption with which they begin their work.  A course of action or any chance that puts your information at risk of permanent loss is simply not optionable unless we first discuss alternatives with you.  Read more about MicroCom's "first, do no harm" best practice method of data recovery (CLICK HERE).

  • In the role of rendering second opinions, MicroCom has many times over had the great pleasure of "begging to differ".  Over the years we have recovered data from drives declared unrecoverable by all the major companies in the data recovery industry.  If you would like just such a "second opinion" (or a third), make a call, if the engineers at MicroCom can't get your data back, it's unlikely that anyone can.

  • a data recovery software tool
  • Data Recovery Software and Tools:  There is inherent danger in using software to recover data yourself, and it can result in permanent, irreversible data loss.  As long as you can be sure the hard drive is functionally OK, you're probably safe to proceed, but if any unusual sound or behavior is noticed — stop immediately.  If a hard drive mechanism has begun to fail, suffering damage to the internal recording media becomes a looming probability.  Once a hard has failed mechanically, the very nature of its malfunction is likely to destroy recordings of your dataMicroCom uses complex, sophisticated, proprietary tools with expertise achievable only through daily practice spanning many years and founded upon hard disk drive engineering and manufacturing experience gained under the employ of hard drive device manufacturers during the 1980's when hard disk drives were still being built within the United States (later, for competitive reasons, all hard drive manufacturing operations were moved to Asia where they remain today).

  • If for any reason, such as mechanical failure, your drive needs to be dismantled, full-service provider MicroCom has a Class 100 cleanroom on the premises.  Your drive will never be sent to a third party and always remains within the confines of MicroCom's access-controlled facilityMicroCom is however, trusted by a number of other data recovery firms to provide expert cleanroom procedures at our facility on a contractual basis.

  • Because all of MicroCom's work is done in-house at a single location, the security and privacy of your information is assured not only through our rigorous procedural safeguards, but also by physical means within our facilities.

  • Another happy MicroCom client saying "I got my all our data back and we're back in business!"
  • When you call MicroCom during normal business hours, you actually get a human on the phone, not a recording.  While your recovery job is at MicroCom you get access, communication, and explanation.

  • MicroCom is one of a handful of companies with numerous years of experience in forensic data recovery.  Having expertise and experience in both data recovery and computer forensics (a.k.a. Digital Discovery) enables us to combine the two whenever appropriate, providing forensic service clients with a one stop shop in cases where the evidentiary media has become faulty.

  • Emergency Data Recovery: If you need your data back "yesterday", we'll get out of bed at 3am in the morning if you elect to go with Priority One Service.*

  • RAID Data Recovery is very complex and demands an advanced level of expertise.  MicroCom has been recovering data from RAID subsystem arrays, every day for years.  This constant exposure to RAID technology translates into an enormous amount of experience with RAID recovery and all of its nuances!

  • Operating Systems: Unix, Linux, Novell, Apple's Macintosh, Microsoft 2003 Server, Windows XP and Vista, Windows 98, are among the many operating systems that MicroCom supports.  In fact, there are few operating systems if any, that we can't handle; every OS has one thing in common:  an interface to digital memory hardware, and that's exactly right where we've got advanced, accomplished expertise.

  • Location: Whether you need data recovery in New York, Florida, Dallas, California, Tahiti or Timbuktu...  We're only a day away by FedExTM, UPSTM , USPSTM or your favorite overnight delivery service.

  • Data Recovery by MicroCom . . .
            When you absolutely,
positively — HAVE to get it back!

Dial 888.364.1444

*This expedited service is provided at a significantly higher cost, prepaid.


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MicroCom Worldwide Data Recovery
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MicroCom Worldwide Data Recovery
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MicroCom Worldwide Data Recovery
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MicroCom Worldwide Data Recovery
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MicroCom Worldwide Data Recovery
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