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What About Security Classification or Security Clearance?

        Are My Company's Trade Secrets Safe?

Our Answer:

In our many years of operation, MicroCom has performed data recovery service for several Government agencies, adhering to the strictest and highest levels of security and confidentiality standards.  It's completely understandable, indeed it's expected that concerns arise when any "outside party" has private information in their hands, as a data recovery operation must in order to complete their assignment.  There have been numerous cases where MicroCom's prospective clients have had strong concerns regarding:

  • integrity & propriety of our methods & facilities . . .
  • confidentiality of our information transfer processes . . .
  • access into our laboratory by unauthorized persons . . .

    . . . especially in forensic cases - where security of evidence is of utmost importance.

Whether you're the DoD (Department of Defense), or one with corporate trade secrets to safeguard, or to be sure, anyone at all, MicroCom is willing to:

  • sign confidentiality agreements . . .
  • sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA) . . .
  • work on-site in a secured area . . .
  • submit to any qualification process.

All private information is protected against unauthorized access by means of deliberate physical controls and procedures, secure facilities and stringent managerial oversight.  Private information is always safeguarded for every single client.  If you have a particular means by which you would ask us to implement our procedures, we will consider it and honor all reasonable requests.  The confidentiality of all recovery and recovered data information in our possession is absolutely defended and protected.

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