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Flag of the State of California Data Recovery on hard disk drives, RAID systems (or any other computer media) is not only frustrating, but likely to be one of the most specialized services you'll ever require.  And if you're anywhere in the state of California, MicroCom can help you get your data back fast.  Based in Los Angeles California, MicroCom has been here to successfully provide service recovering data for companies and individuals in and around Southern and Northern California for over two decades, since 1989.

While MicroCom recovers hard disk drive and RAID-5 data for companies all over the world, we truly enjoy being able to offer our expert services within our own community and state.

Based in "LA", the so called "capital of SoCal" within the San Fernando Valley, MicroCom has recovered data for many Hollywood film, television and sound recording studios.  Some of our clients include ABC, NBC, Fox, Warner Brothers, MGM, Disney, Dreamworks, RCA & HBO, just to name a few.

So if you're in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, Long Beach, Ventura County, Santa Barbara or Santa Monica, Cudahy or Calabasas, Redondo or Riverside, Sacramento, San Francisco or anywhere in California from San Diego to Yreka — know that first-tier, world-class full-service expertise to rescue your data is right here in your home state, close to home.  And we have long experience with all types of media in addition to hard disks...

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More Than Just Hard Drives:

It may be the Hard Drive in your laptop, but even if it's high-end Tape media, optical disk cartridges, such as problem CD-R/W or DVD discs, it's always an emergency and Micro Com is here to help!  Even if you're undergoing an IS emergency with a mission-critical RAID subsystem, we bring a tremendous amount of talent for retrieving data from RAID subsystems as well — in fact, rarely a day goes by where we don't have RAID arrays in house for data recovery!

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