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Hard Drive in Trouble:
When you are confronted with a hard disk drive that won't mount, is crashed, unbootable, or clicking (i.e., you have hard drive failure), your options for remedy should not include continued operation of the unit which can cause permanent physical destruction of the material that holds your data.  Sometimes, under such circumstances with your hard drive showing these symptoms of malfunction, you may be successful at retrieving some of your files, but usually the drive's condition is worsening with every rotation of the disk platters in your hard drive.  If files containing your most important information are recorded at the same location where the drive media suffers physical damage, your continuing efforts and attempts are likely to increase the damage.  In the aftermath of unskilled recovery attempts, retrieval of your recorded information can become impossible, even in the hands of experts at MicroCom.  The standard spin speed of most hard drives today is 7200 rpm, that means the disks rotate a full 360 degrees — 120 times per second!  In turn, this means that a lot of damage can take place very quickly, worsening during the entire time attempts to extract threatened data continue.  (To understand why, one must understand a little about the "flying head dynamics" inherent in all hard drives, explained in one of our FAQ pages.)

Comparing Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery Service Providers:
Comparing data recovery services can be daunting.  There are many considerations, and typically you'll find yourself in the mode of attempting to make choices while under the pressure of various conflicting motives:  time, expense...  not to mention loss of access to your data.  Data recovery service, even from the least expensive alternative is always anything but inexpensive!  With regard to expense, perhaps the following three points may contribute some clarity within your particular situation:

  • All data recovery firms can do the "easy" jobs, indeed, you may even be able to do it yourself using easily accessible software utilities.  The danger at this (or any) level is unknowingly increasing damage to your hard drive's recording surfaces, permanently destroying part, or worst case, all of your saved data.
  • Often more experienced data recovery firms can do advanced jobs involving electronic repair remediation, but danger is still there.  Without the capability, facilities and instrumentation to safely perform more sophisticated "invasive" techniques on hard drives, they must stick to remedies that do not involve opening the disk unit inside a cleanroom.  Whenever the hard drive's actual problem is mechanical failure, these attempts may also result in unintended damage to your hard drive's data recording surfaces.
  • Only a few of the top-tier data recovery companies can handle the complex, high-level cases, doing whatever it takes, while at the same time, protecting the physical condition of the place where all your hard drive data actually lives — the incredibly delicate magnetic data recording surfaces on your drive's internal disk platters.

There is a strong analogy between seeking a medical procedure, and enlisting a data recovery service to recover your data.  There are always alternatives affecting your cost.  If your data has important value, give your choice some careful thought!  And please feel free to call us here at MicroCom, and ask us the tough questions.

More Than Just Hard Drives:
We retrieve "lost" computer data not only from all hard drives (including higher capacity, multi-drive external USB/Firewire boxes, which are normally run in a configuration known as RAID-0), but also high-end tape media such as DLT, Exabyte Mammoth & Sony AIT, optical disk cartridges, even problem CD-R/W, DVD discs, as well as the ever more popular USB "flash" drives (called by many names); in short: we'll extract any data that can no longer be accessed by your system.

We will never turn down a recovery opportunity due to the complexity involved.  In fact, the greater the challenge, the harder we work at making sure you get your data back.  We retrieve data from all media.  Whether it's a floppy disk, CD or Tape, the hard drive from your desktop / laptop or a RAID Array, we can get your data back!

Data-striped storage arrays or RAID subsystems present a technical challenge to many service providers consult MicroCom with confidence.  We have long-standing experience and success with all types of these high performance devices.

Mission Critical Applications Data:
        Many a critical mission has been rescued from obliteration, followed by grateful thanks from very relieved clients, and many a project representing huge human resource deployments has been pulled back from the brink of destruction.  Perhaps your mission-critical data is not a Sequel / SQL or Exchange Server database, perhaps your needs are along the lines of Outlook PST file, Word document or Excel speadsheet recovery, or maybe "just" your family heirloom photographs — no matter, all are of equal importance to MicroCom, all are subject to a tightly focused intent on being able to restore data to your operations, be they simple or grandiose, familial or industrial.  Our aim is always to make an easy recovery experience the conclusion to each and every data recovery trauma that puts your "electronic assets" out of reach and in peril.

All-Inclusive Platform Support:
        MicroCom Worldwide Data Recovery supports all the well known operating systems (OS) including all the flavors of Unix and Linux, Apple Macintosh® and, shockingly, Windows®, not to mention numerous legacy systems known only to the old-time mentors and gurus of computer technology.

And here is what another MicroCom data recovery client told us...

I AM A HERO . . .
"... Originally I sent [the hard drive] to [your competitor in] Minnesota, they said the FAT was damaged, and JPEG files they did recover would not open.  ...every single Italy picture opened and I am a hero and you are why! So thank you, thanks to the engineers.  I'll do whatever you guys want on my letterhead... I'll post you guys up   I mean... That was huge!"
Barry Byrd, CEO & Co-Founder @ HRAmerica

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