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MicroCom Digital Discovery - 844.432.8256

MicroCom Digital Discovery - 844.432.8256

MicroCom Digital Discovery - 844.432.8256

MicroCom Digital Discovery - 844.432.8256

You know it should be on that hard drive,

                But You Can't See It . . .

W e     o p e n     e y e s .      

Expert computer forensic discovery on hard disk drive evidence by MicroCom

Computer Forensics
Electronic Evidence Recovery

Discovery on computer evidence forensically retrieved by MicroCom creates compelling information.  Not one of our findings has ever been overturned.  We uncover information in a way that stands up in court — in a way that expands your best chance to stay out of court!
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Are you seeking to engage forensic discovery services to investigate a computer related matter?  Consider
based in Los Angeles, California.  With a simple phone call, we can immediately begin helping you clarify pertinent issues.

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Irrefutable Electronic Evidence Discovery

M I C R O   C O M    D I G I T A L   D I S C O V E R Y

Within the field of computer forensics, we have gained a wide spectrum of experience discovering evidence on behalf of our clients.  While our computer forensic examiners and services are typically sought by the legal profession, naturally we make our expertise available also to private concerns.  We have been selected to pursue forensic discovery issues for both advocate and court assigned arbitration assignments; we have provided digital discovery services to clients all across the USA.

MicroCom's technical forté derives from our extensive knowledge of, and long-time involvement with, data storage equipment — the most prominent example of which is the hard disk drive familiar to nearly all computer users.  This principal data memory device is present within and central to the function of virtually all computer systems.  If there is evidentiary information to be found in a computer it's typical for all of it to be stored, and often hidden, on the recordable medium within the hard drive.

Our daily experience in commercial data recovery allows us to provide you directly, without third-party involvement — yet with third-party neutrality, the core technology required to pursue discovery issues and find evidence.  MicroCom technology will support you well beyond the range possible for other investigators or examiners who use only computer forensic software tools.  And in cases where litigation becomes a consideration, we can make recommendations on viable discovery procedures that inform decisions you face.

It's noteworthy that subcontractors are never used in any part of our evidence recovery or discovery work; we maintain absolute security and control over all materials entrusted to us.  Secure evidence lock-up and an unassailable chain of custody are standard.

If the evidentiary hard disk drive in question has a functionally failed mechanism, you must contact MicroCom or a firm with commensurate capabilities, at least for a consultation.  We can take your case forward when most other providers are simply unable to help you in such a situation (whether they know it or not).  Moreover, your evidence might become irreparably damaged.  Please ask for our white paper covering this complex issue.

MicroCom provides experienced examiner and discovery talent along with the latest in software technology, and we bring it to bear on every facet of your electronic discovery process.  Every step we take is documented.  Protection of evidential findings and authenticity is always assured and provable, regardless if the evidence is acquired from a hard disk drive, a tape data cartridge, or any other kind of removable media used for computer data storage.  With MicroCom Digital Discovery, you can be confident in receiving our utmost conscientious, careful attention to every detail.

Your initiative may call for taking action in a court ordered on-site investigation or capture of evidence at a remote location.  Maybe you require hard drive image acquisition or seizure of hardware from a computer.  Perhaps you must produce a forensic examiner who is also an industry trained technologist specialized in magnetic data storage technology, and experienced as an expert witness in the courtroom.  Possibly you merely need to provide a formal analysis of damage to computer hardware or deletion of intellectual property.  MicroCom provides advanced knowledge and skill in any or all of these areas and more.  If you are looking for discovery expertise backed up with advanced knowledge of hardware data storage devices in computer systems, you've now found MicroCom Digital Discovery — the resource you need for your computer forensics initiative.


MicroCom Digital Discovery computer forensics experts offer experienced examiners and services for imaging, remote site acquisition of computer evidence, hard disk drive data imaging including advanced data storage equipment expertise, courtroom experienced expert witness, with full service litigation consulting, evidence protection and meticulous case documentation.

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