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an INVITATION to Optimal
Data Recovery Service Partnership

Good News for the IT Services Manager ~~
Earn hundreds of dollars per referral!
Tri-Fold MicroCom DRP Information Brochure
Make Money!  It's simple action for you to boost your revenue.  This informational broshure tells everything you'd like to know about partnering with MicroCom for data recovery services.
  • World Class, Full Service DATA RECOVERY =

  • No limits:  Laptop drives, Desktop drives, RAID-zero externals, RAID-5 storage

  • Make more money from within your own already existing IT Service Operation

  • MicroCom . . .
    does the work... and YOU control the service to your client!

    Full service, world-class RAID & hard disk drive
                 Data Recovery capability & expertise with
Worldwide Data Recovery...
Hard drive R/W heads & platters Become a Data Recovery Partner... the DRP program is MicroCom's way for sharing data recovery profits with qualified computer service and IT industry professionals.

BENEFITS for all DRPs . . .
Think about this !!
  • Increased profit with zero increase in overhead - hundreds of dollars per job.
  • Expand your in-house data recovery capabilities... or gain entry into lucrative RAID data recovery.
  • Superb client relations — your assurance that your most valued clients get only the highest quality service.
  • MicroCom DRP referral flyers on counter
  • Attract new clientele by adding new capability.
  • You call all the shots, or at your election, we'll do all the work with your client — either way, you get the full referral benefit.
  • Super-easy explanation and referral action using our attractive counter-top display flyers.             ~~~ SEE ABOVE ~~~
  • No minimum requirement for participation, MicroCom is there for you just when, and only when you need them — awards boosted after reaching DRP Level 2 or DRP Level 3.

Why should you partner with MicroCom?
. . . join us, and your customers will tell you why.

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MicroCom Worldwide Data Recovery
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MicroCom Worldwide Data Recovery Service
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MicroCom Worldwide Data Recovery Service
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