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Data Storage and IT Resources

Micro Com recommends these excellent resources for your data storage, information technology, and general computing requirements:

MacTalk for Macintosh MacTalk
The Computer Gallery - Macintosh
Apple's "WorldWide Best Store - 2000"
Woodland Hills & Ventura, California
Mexico's Premier Computer Source PC City
La Tienda de Cómputo más Especializada
. . . desde 1990
Monterrey, N.L. Mexico
Hard Drives and More...
Hard Drives & more...
Chatsworth, California
Guide to Greater Los Angeles and
Southern California

Forensic Resources

Computer Audio Engineering  Provides Forensic Audio Analysis, Audio Restoration, Audio Tape Enhancement, WAV files, Sound Effects, Sound Design, Web Audio.

Cyber Forensics Book Project  The process of extracting information and data from computer storage media and guaranteeing its accuracy and reliability.

Digital Detective  Offers forensic computing tools and utilities.

E-Evidence  A site to find a compilation of links to material related to all aspects of Digital Forensics and Electronic Evidence.

Forensic Focus  Computer forensics news and discussion.  Provides computer products, training and services.  Customizing personal computers for many specialized industries.  Computer Forensics, Cybercrime and Steganography Resources.

Guidance Software  The Leader in Computer Forensics & Incident Response Solutions.

Infinity Computers  Commonly used by Law Enforcement Agencies to view and collect evidence from suspects’ computers.

Vivid Insights  Supplying audit or review, computer forensics, supplying temps, training and supporting your staff.

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