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Why Are Your Prices So High?
        Why do some of your competitors charge less?

Our Answer:

Among our full service, first-tier competitors whose only business is data recovery, Micro Com is actually quite reasonable.

Compared to MicroCom, many firms who offer data recovery services, have limited capabilities. The top end of our price range reflects the extent to which our technology is able to pursue recovery of your data.  Since 1998, we are not aware of any case where another company was able to recover data after we had been forced to pronounce a drive as impossible to recover.  We never make such pronouncements light-heartedly.  Fortunately it's not such a common experience for us...

In fact, on several documented occasions with respect to a substantial number of our larger competitors (OK, actually it's all of them, including Ontrack & Drivesavers), MicroCom successfully recovered client data after they had been told that recovery was not possible.  We do our work with a serious appreciation for the value and importance of each client's data, whether it's for personal or for commercial business.

We have a strong desire to excell, deliver satisfaction to our clients, and to provide a very cost competitive service of high value.

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