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Mac Data Recovery on hard disk drives is a specialty here at MicroCom.  You'll gain access to the benefit of consummate expertise with all things storage-related to Mac.  We've been retrieving inaccessible Macintosh data since 1989 and we are specialists in recovering lost access to computer data due to failed or reformatted single hard disk drives & multi-drive RAID-5 Xserve subsystem arrays.  During that time thousands of Mac OS based hard drives have passed through our doors.  And with a Macintosh recovery success rate at around 94%, you can rest assured that rescue of your data is in capable, knowledgeable hands.

Whether your Mac is a PowerBook G4 or G5 running Mac OS X® Leopard or Panther, an iMac, Power Mac, a Quad Core Intel® based MacBook Pro (a.k.a. "MBP"), Mac Mini, eMac or iBook, or whether your data is recorded on a traditional spinning disk hard drive, or in one of the emerging, newer technology SSD drives, MicroCom has superb OSX expertise to recover your data.  And, no matter which "fast cat" you've got:  "Cheetah" (v.10.0), "Puma" (v.10.1), "Jaguar" (v.10.2), "Panther" (v.10.3), "Tiger" (v.10.4), "Leopard" (v.10.5), "Snow Leopard" (v.10.6), "Lion" (v.10.7), "Mountain Lion" (v.10.8), one of MicroCom's ace data recovery engineer cats will rescue your data in your day of distress!  From mission-critical multi-terabyte fibre channel, rack-mounted Xserve RAID array to legacy 8-bit microprocessor based Apple I or II computers, we've got you covered.

Recently there has been a rising need to restore failed Time Machine® backup drives where the backup data is recorded with compression and encryption techniques that cannot be simply recovered as clear data; MicroCom engineers have the ability to get you through this potentially disastrous circumstance, not only saving the data, but restoring the system structure, so you regain functional archival, not just a pile of unstructured files.  MicroCom has experience — and you can count on it.  Join thousands of satisfied clients and call us now for a free consultation and diagnostic evaluation on the way to a successful data retrieval.

Apple® was launched back in April of 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Since the inception of Apple's first computer the Apple I, Apple has proved over and over again what an innovative company it is producing a generation of Mac Computers and Software products loved by Mac enthusiasts everywhere. At MicroCom, we take that spirit and apply it to everything we do. We compare our data recovery engineers to doctors in that they are required to stay abreast of all the latest techniques. Data Recovery is all we do, and we do it right by combining expertise, the latest technology and state of the art equipment.

So if the data on your Mac desktop, laptop or high-powered workstation is inaccessible, we'll help you get your data back!  And by the way, the initial diagnostic evaluation is free and if your data cannot be retrieved, you don't pay a data recovery fee.*  Any and all work accomplished by MicroCom is performed on-site, right here at MicroCom in our private, single location, access-controlled, secure facility.

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*In some cases, only if requested, a cleanroom fee may apply.

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We're located in Southern California . . .   within the San Fernando Valley!

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MicroCom Worldwide Data Recovery Service
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