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Statement of Policy
MicroCom's Committment
to Client Privacy and Information Security

At MicroCom RAID Data Recovery we deeply value privacy for everyone and every entity.  We believe that good fences make for good neighbors.  We believe that the good fences created by respect for privacy form a substantial underpinning within the infrastructure of all evolved, complex societal relationships, electronic or otherwise.  It is our earnest intention to stand up for our stated beliefs, ever committed to non-disclosure of any and all private information.  And it is our explicit intention to allow you, as a client of MicroCom, as much privacy and control over your personal and corporate information as possible.

MicroCom never sells, rents, trades, or in any way knowingly reveals any information about our clients unless specifically requested by that same client.  Information that we do ask for is always limited by prudent needs and used only to facilitate our steadfast effort to provide superior communication and service to our clients, along with maintenance of proper business documentation and compensation for client procurement of data recovery services rendered by MicroCom.

Your private information is protected against unauthorized access by means of strict managerial and physical procedures, safeguarding your private information.  During the time we are working diligently to restore usability of your data, the confidentiality of information we recover from any data storage device entrusted to us by you is absolutely defended and protected with strict access control.  MicroCom routinely enters into Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) for the benefit of clients requesting such covenant.

Your charge card information at MicroCom is absolutely hacker-proof because this information is not stored on any of our computer systems; account information is taken via telephone conversation, facsimile or in person and is maintained the old-fashioned way:  on hard-copy paper forms, never archived electronically.  MicroCom does reserve the right to modify, amend or restate this Privacy Policy from time to time with or without prior notice.

Should you have any question or comment whatsoever, we invite you to contact MicroCom and express your views.

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