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Choosing the Right Service Provider
Recover RAID Data – Emergency IT Support
when that "guaranteed" data availability runs out...

Big-Data storage appliance Recovering RAID Data:  How will you choose competent emergency IT support service to restore mission-critical data?

Perhaps you have long relied on a supposedly guaranteed data availability, and you've never before had reason to question it.  Now, suddenly trouble is at hand and critical electronic assets cannot be accessed by your system users.  What you decide to do next is critical...   MORE ON THIS

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Choose MicroCom RAID Data Recovery with confidence.  Our abilities have evolved through decades of technology growth and expansion.  We have mature processes, with experience and professional success dealing with all the many reincarnations of these high performance, typically mission-critical data storage devices, and a long history of helping clients keep their critical missions on track.

Best practice for the data recovery industry, especially when it comes to the recovery of data from failed RAID data storage subsystems, requires high technological and scientific expertise, proper facilities, expensive instrumentation, and considerable other equipment.  Additionally, it requires critical attention to the unique details specific to each unique client's array.  We present good information elsewhere on this website for you to consider, illuminating in some detail both the risks of inexperienced data recovery service, as well as potential dangers to the safety of your recorded data, perhaps now existing only upon a RAID subsystem brought down by two concurrent failed hard disk drives.  Best practices ensure that potentially recoverable data are never placed in harms way, that the condition of damaged array member drive recording media are never threatened.

RAID-5 rack-mount subsystem

Procedures used to save RAID data now residing solely upon a failed array should be chosen from a perspective based on a deep understanding of what actions are safest for the preservation and recovery of that data.  Any hard drive presenting a failure mode where the disk platters continue to spin, especially when accompanied by the dreaded "clicking" sound, is often producing ongoing, permanent damage to the magnetic coating on that drive's platters.  Data cannot be recovered from areas where the magnetic recording medium is physically damaged.  If this condition affects only a single member within a RAID-5 array, the consequences are usually not dire because of the subsystem's inherent redundancy.  However, if the subsystem is a RAID-0, the inability to recover data from any member will render the data on all of the unaffected drives altogether useless.

Therefore, identifying which actions will create the best chance of precluding further damage, while enabling the safe extraction of the raw magnetic information, will often not be discernible, or in a business sense, certainly not fiscally responsible from a perspective driven by the profit concerns inherent in a "flat-rate" data recovery business model.  Placing the repository of valuable, but now inaccessible data into the wrong hands can decrease or even eliminate your chances for recovery success.  One inexperienced move and suddenly the game is over.

There are several factors driving your choice for selecting a data recovery service provider, and reasons are likely to vary from case to case.  Certainly financial concerns are important to everyone.  Ultimately it comes down to value.  It's about the value you place on your data.

The choice is yours.

KNOW THIS:  if you absolutely, positively have to get your data back — the safety of your data must be maximized and you must keep loss risk to your data at minimum, you have every reason to enlist the data recovery services of seasoned, experienced, highly skilled professionals.  Please choose carefully . . .

Why Entrust Your RAID Data to MicroCom?
  • One of the oldest full-service providers of RAID data recovery service in the world, MicroCom has been in business for well over 20 years — a span of time covering nearly the entire history of RAID implementation within the computer industry.  We are established, friendly, reliable, well-known, highly regarded, and approved by the disk drive manufacturing companies.

  • MicroCom's chief engineer, who oversees and directly works on all RAID-5 cases presented to our service, has been dedicated to performing and advancing the technology of data recovery service for over 24 years.  His tremendous skill, knowledge and experience is equaled by very few and is widely respected within the industry.

  • RAID-5 NAS-tower, 8bay
  • NAS users:  Our extensive, technology intensive experience leads us always to stay on top of new and emerging data storage equipment technologies.  Among key storage technologies facilitating advanced maintenance for, and efficient expansion and scale-out of data storage resources, are so called NAS (Network Attached Storage) subsystems.  For users, this type of data storage device has made a significant impact during the last decade.  Typical implementations most often use fault-tolerant RAID architecture.  When data recovery becomes necessary, NAS configuations present complex issues which of course go beyond those employed for hard disk drives and RAID subsystems.  For example, even though you're running a NAS box in a Windows 2008 Server environment, the box itself is running a Linux file system internally.  Whatever the challenges, you can always trust that MicroCom provides the expertise you want and puts it on your side.

  • Through each and every step of your recovery process, you make all the decisions that have financial impact.  Your dedicated MicroCom case agent will keep you informed.  We present the options; you make the choices.  No evaluation, cleanroom or data recovery fees will be charged, unless first they have been approved by you.  You never pay a data recovery fee if your data is not retrievable.

  • We're good! MicroCom got our data back!
  • MicroCom always practices the science of data recovery on a "first, do no harm" basis.  The protection, preservation and safety of your data come first.  It is understood that this approach is not always the fastest or the least expensive, but MicroCom recovery engineers know that your data is irreplaceable and may be invaluable, and so, this is the only assumption with which they begin their work.  A course of action or any chance that puts your information at risk of permanent loss is simply not optionable unless we first discuss alternatives with you.  Find out more about MicroCom's "first, do no harm" best practice method of data recovery (CALL US!).

  • In the role of rendering second opinions, MicroCom has many times over had the great pleasure of "begging to differ".  Over the years we have recovered data from drives declared unrecoverable by all the major companies in the data recovery industry.  If you would like just such a "second opinion" (or a third), make a call, if the engineers at MicroCom can't get your data back, it's unlikely that anyone can.

  • Data Recovery Software and Tools:  Of course we have and use them ourselves, but there is inherent danger in using software tools to recover data yourself, and it can result in permanent, irreversible data loss on member disk units.  If an array member hard drive mechanism has begun to fail, suffering damage to its internal recording media, such dangerous outcome then becomes imminent.  MicroCom uses complex, sophisticated, proprietary tools with expertise achievable only through daily practice spanning many years and founded upon a combination of RAID subsystem expertise, as well as hard disk drive engineering and manufacturing experience.

  • If for any reason, such as mechanical failure, your drive needs to be dismantled, full-service provider MicroCom has a Class 100 cleanroom on the premises.  Your drive will never be sent to a third party and always remains within the confines of MicroCom's access-controlled facility.  MicroCom is however, trusted by a number of other data recovery firms to provide expert cleanroom procedures on a contract basis.

  • When you call MicroCom during normal business hours, you actually get a human on the phone, not a recording.  While your recovery job is at MicroCom RAID Data Recovery you get access, communication, and ongoing explanation from a qualified, technically competent liaison, dedicated to you and your recovery case.

  • mission-critical data resource in RAID5
  • Because all of MicroCom's work is done in-house at a single location, the security and privacy of your information is assured not only through our rigorous procedural safeguards, but also by physical means within our facilities.

  • MicroCom is one of a handful of companies with numerous years of experience in forensic data recovery.  Having expertise and experience in both data recovery and computer forensics (a.k.a. Digital Discovery) enables them to combine the two whenever appropriate, providing forensic service clients with a one stop shop in cases where the evidentiary media has become faulty.

  • Emergency Data Recovery:  If you need your data back "yesterday", we'll get out of bed at 4:00 a.m. in the morning if you choose to use Priority One Service.*

  • RAID Data Recovery is very complex and demands an advanced level of expertise.  MicroCom has been recovering data from RAID subsystem arrays, every day since the dawn of their history of use.  This constant exposure to RAID technology translates into an enormous amount of experience with RAID recovery and all of its nuances!

  • Operating Systems:  Unix, Linux, Novell, Apple's Xserve, and of course Microsoft 2003/2008 Server, are among the many operating system environments that MicroCom supports.  In fact, there are few operating systems if any, that MicroCom can't handle.

  • Location:  Whether you need data recovery in New York, Florida, Dallas, California, Tahiti or Timbuktu... we're only a day away by FedExTM, UPSTM or your favorite overnight delivery service.  Go for proficiency, not just propinquity!

  • RAID Data Recovery by . . .
MicroCom RAID Data Recovery Services

Choose the RAID Recovery Service you can count on . . .

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RatePoint Business Reviews

    ...Many thanks to you and your team on the recent recovery of the RAID-5 data belonging to our client.  We are in the litigation support business and this was the only copy of the data... [and it] was crucial to our client's defense.  As you know we first tried a larger national service who was not successful, despite [their] reports (and charges) to the contrary.  Each time I present you and your team with a new challenge, you always come through for me."
Robert Pallasch @ ACT Litigation Services, Los Angeles, California

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MicroCom RAID Data Recovery

Call Toll-Free Now:

MicroCom RAID Data Recovery

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MicroCom RAID Data Recovery

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MicroCom RAID Data Recovery

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MicroCom RAID Data Recovery

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MicroCom RAID Data Recovery

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