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When data becomes unavailable here, MicroCom recovers it. Data recovery is our only game.  We have recovered computer data imperiled within failed RAID data storage subsystems for many an enterprise under oppressive levels of stress.  So we fully understand that your loss of data availability is anything but a game.  And this is exactly where the service MicroCom offers sets us apart from what has become common among new data recovery firms proliferating since the millennium.  The safe recovery of your imperiled information is serious business to us.  We believe this is a matter of how we show up in the world, so for us it's a matter of who we are.

We are expert and seasoned by years of experience over nearly the entire span of computer industry history since the time when RAID technology was first invented.  Our technological forté is hard disk drive based data storage, and generally all computer hardware used for storing data.  Your valuable information — seemingly lost files or databases that can no longer be accessed by your IS (information system) — are the target of our long-standing enterprise.  Whether deleted, corrupted, improperly rebuilt or whatever, we can get that array based data back.  It's why we are here.

Founded in 1989, MicroCom persistently developed and over the years has now acquired an enviable reputation with an extraordinarily high success rate.  We provide emergency service to some of the largest companies and corporations in the world.  Having received many requests over the years to render a "second opinion", each of our recovery engineers are repeat victors in claiming data for a client when one of our well-known competitors had previously declared the same data as unrecoverable, occasionally overcoming daunting odds.  And even though we enjoy a reputation among Fortune 500 firms as world-class data retrieval specialists, we also believe in the great importance involved in the operation of small and medium sized businesses.  Micro Com RAID Data Recovery is a part of MicroCom Worldwide Data Recovery.

RAID member recovery action inside MicroCom Class100 cleanroom

Your information is protected and safe with MicroCom.  Our well-polished in-house security system makes sure of it.  Every last detail of the services we provide to our clients is accomplished under one roof, so we absolutely control every aspect of work done on your behalf.  This ensures that your data is secure, totally confidential, safe.  Please check our Privacy Policy.

We recognize the extent to which data storage of electronic information has evolved to become crucial for business continuity (BC) and the well-being of even individual enterprise, just as it always has been for industrial commerce, both ever working as they do to advance as integral and viable participants within their own competitive endeavor.  Every day MicroCom RAID Data Recovery commits itself with diligence to provide excellent care for clients both large and small.  We do this not only in a way that's fair and affordable with respect to our expertise, but in a way that's earnest and, we hope, unfailing in extending the same courtesy and level of value to every person and every entity.

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   We're located in Southern California
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FACILITY LOCATION:     9135 Alabama Ave., Unit E
Chatsworth, CA  91311,  USA
Within the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County

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MicroCom RAID Data Recovery

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