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Forensic Recovery — RAID Data

Discovery Services for Electronic Information

Acquiring Evidence while Avoiding Spoliation

Acquiring electronic evidence bound inside a RAID data storage subsystem, while at the same time, avoiding unintentional degradation of its legal value in a court of law should always be the premier concern of every practitioner of computer forensics.  Data residing within a computer system, when it has been determined that evidential value may be held within it, must be rigorously subjected to procedures that reliably protect its evidential value.  In other words, spoliation must be prevented, and that can be safely accomplished only by experts having the requisite knowledge of all the elements involved.

MicroCom knows RAID architecture, and we know computer forensics.  Your wise choice will go to the service provider with a track record of expertise in both areas.

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and the application of professional forensic procedures to safeguard evidence held in a disk drive array or other data storage equipment, please click above.

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