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Data Recovery Service for All RAID/SAN/NAS Data Storage Subsystems
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RAID-5 Data Recovery for Hard Disk & SSD Drive Array Data Storage Hardware Failure - Professional Specialists

MicroCom recovers all sizes and scales of RAID data storage subsystems.

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MicroCom RAID Data Recovery Service

A Division of MicroCom Worldwide Data Recovery Services

Data recovery on RAID subsystems for data storage is highly complex and requires the highest level of data recovery expertise.  With experience going back literally to "the beginning" of RAID-5 technological history, MicroCom has been recovering lost computer data from RAID arrays every day for well over two decades:  from servers to NAS and SAN, from internal, embedded versions or rack-mounted blades to stand-alone external desktop/laptop units.

Full-time, all-the-time — MicroCom offers a first tier, full-service, world-class RAID data recovery service, as is attested to by many clients, some especially grateful after having gone to one of our competitors first.  Our constant, daily exposure to RAID technology over the years translates into an enormous amount of experience All RAID Configurations Supported. with RAID subsystem recovery on any of the implementations including super-RAID, legacy or leading-edge, old or new, and provides "life-saving" results in most cases, even when certain remedial missteps have occurred before help was called.

When it comes to preserving your valuable data, dealing with technical support assistance offered by the RAID system manufacturer can be far worse than merely frustrating, it can be altogether dangerous to the "life" of your data.  You must realize and take note that their focus is on restoring function or determining if your equipment has suffered a failure; they assume that your data is backed up and that its loss from this particular subsystem is not an issue — even when you tell them otherwise.  They really have no reason to be trained in the preservation of your data.  It is therefore, very common for technical advice coming from the equipment manufacturer perspective to recommend actions that will cause permanent loss or destruction of your data — as the fastest method to trouble-shoot or get your hardware working again.  So beware:

If you're trouble-shooting...
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Call us now for FREE, expert advice, before risking unknown outcomes.
We can help you avoid common pitfalls that will destroy your data.
We can even help you PREVENT the need for recovering your RAID data!

Naturally we cannot be expert on the intricacies of your particular systems, but we do understand pretty much everything there is to know about the many ways your data can be damaged, or worse, eradicated forever in your time of crisis.  With pressures from all directions in your own environment, added to the complexities of RAID-5, RAID-6, RAID-10, mistakes and trouble are hard to avoid.  Don't take a chance without first taking advantage of free failure analysis and combining your knowledge with our expert ability to offer you a focused, correct perspective for preserving your data.

All RAID Configurations Supported. Data loss from RAID malfunction is usually no small event.  Retrieving now inaccessible data from failed "data-striped storage arrays" (a less common reference for RAID subsystems) presents a technical challenge for all data recovery service providers.  (Note: "striping" has to do with how data is recorded concurrently in short, consecutive segments across each of multiple hard drives in an array.)  Our Chief Engineer has been recovering data from RAID systems since their earliest deployment within the commercial data processing environment.

Consult MicroCom RAID Data Recovery with confidence.  We have long-standing experience and professional success with all types of these high performance, typically mission-critical data storage devices, and a long history of helping clients keep their business continuity and critical missions on track.

If your RAID data is recoverable by anyone,
we will get yours back.

MicroCom  RAID Data Recovery
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Our list of clients includes companies, firms, and other organizations from all over the world.  Whether you're in Los Angeles (or at least within driving distance from Los Angeles, or in New York, or Chicago, Houston, Denver, Miami, Dallas, Portland or Seattle — it doesn't matter, wherever you are MicroCom expertise is well within reach...

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          MicroCom RAID Data Recovery Service

The most commonly used RAID Array configuration today is RAID-5 — but whether you have a RAID-0 for multimedia artwork content storage, a RAID-5 with an Exchange® server, a Microsoft® SQL (Sequel®) database, or an even more esoteric, high-performance, high-availability RAID-6 or RAID-10, we have the expertise, and we provide the professional resources needed to ensure that you implement the best course of action available for an ultimately successful recovery of your data.

Regardless of the complexity of your particular configuration, be assured that in the most timely manner achievable, MicroCom will bring to bear upon your emergency – every prudent, safe and protective action possible – retrieving your RAIDed data securely into full recovery, and enabling you to put it back where it belongs... at work within your IT system.


MicroCom RAID Data Recovery Service

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MicroCom RAID Data Recovery

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MicroCom RAID Data Recovery

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MicroCom RAID Data Recovery

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MicroCom RAID Data Recovery

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