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What are the options when
      more than one RAID drive has failed?

Our Answer:

The well-known fault tolerance of RAID-5 data storage leads to various and sundry misconceptions about its true nature.  And when an array member drive fails and goes off-line, SOP allows for IT personnel to replace the offending unit and allow an ensuing rebuild operation to re-establish and reinstate the system's optimal data availability condition.  To some perhaps, it is no stretch of logic to assume that if two array member drives go down, it may simply take twice as much rebuild time to get things going again.

So the short answer to the question is this: There aren't any!   In general, if the RAID subsystem is not working, a rebuild is not the answer.  Do not even continue remedial actions after it becomes known that more than one disk drive has failed or any functional fault is indicated for multiple data storage device elements (unless you're working with RAID-6).  There is no possibility for a rebuild operation to successfully make the data available once again, because with only two RAID-5 drives unavailable there is quite simply not enough information to reconstruct the files.  In this kind of event, disaster is already at hand, and you must seek professional RAID data recovery assistance (call MicroCom right away — it's free!).

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