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Turnaround Times — Expedited Service

Data recovery service with timely turnaround. When it comes to the level of service required for recovering RAID-5 data, often with SAN or NAS subsystems involved, the complexity of recovery operations are often, unfortunately, directly proportional to mounting pressure on IT for remedy and the urgency of accomplishing the mission — or should we say inversely proportional to the patience of management!  In full awareness of such struggle, when action is needed, MicroCom pulls out all the stops in order to deliver our first-tier, world class remedial aid to each client – in a manner that applies an experienced balance between protecting your information against further damage or even potentially permanent loss – and getting it done fast.

The options you have for the performance of our work to recover your data are not many...  one, the turnaround time, or, how fast do you need it?, and two, what sort of container would you prefer to have the recovered data returned in, i.e., to what kind of data storage media container should we transfer your recovered data?

Not optional is our steadfast level of service commitment — it's first tier, and it's full service.  Everything gets done under one roof, and anything that can be done — can be done at MicroCom.  We're flexible and stand ready to provide service according to your business needs:

Turnaround Times for RAID Data Recovery*:

     Basic Service (5 - 8 days)
          Diagnosis/prognosis within about 48 hours, within regular business hours, Mon-Fri.
          All service cost rate quotations are based on this level of service.

     Rush Service (2 - 4 days)
          Diagnosis/prognosis within about 24 hours, performed within regular business hours, Mon-Fri.
          Service cost rate quotations are calculated as Basic Rate plus 50%.

     Weekend Service* (Saturday — Sunday)
          Qualifying hours: 3:00 pm Friday thru 8:00 am Monday); may be combined with Rush Service
          Service cost rate quotations are calculated as the Basic Rate doubled.

     Priority One Service* (1 - 3 days)
          Diagnosis/prognosis as soon as possible, working around the clock.
          Please call a Technical Sales Rep for rates and availability.

*Turnaround times provided above are approximate, based on averages of certain variables, and of course do not apply equally to all RAID-5 subsystems; for Weekend and Priority One Service, recovery must be pre-approved and fully authorized by the client, in advance.

Return Data Container Media:
Once recovery operations have been completed we'll need to transfer your recovered RAID data to an appropriate device, enabling you to take possession of it.  Usually, prior to completion of your work, you will select the physical means, or the type of data storage, according to your preference.  The most commonly selected container is a new hard drive, but MicroCom offers various container media options for returning your data:

     CD-ROM (CDR), DVD+R
     Tape cartridge: DLT, M1/M2 (8mm) or DDS (4mm)
     On new internal hard drive provided by MicroCom or supplied by you.
     On new external Firewire/IEEE-1394 or eSATA drive provided by
          MicroCom or supplied by you.

MicroCom RAID Data Recovery Services

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