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Your Question:

What is your Success Rate for Recovering Data?
        How does your data retrieval/recovery expertise
                stack up against your competition?

Our Answer:

Actually, the answer to your question has some complexities to it – the short answer is that statistically, MicroCom recovers about 94 percent of all the cases we work on.

There are fundamentally only two things that make data unrecoverable:  (1) the medium upon which it was recorded has become damaged, or (2) the data you need was over-written with newer information that you don't care about.  NO ONE can recover data in these cases (in a time-efficient, economically reasonable way).

We are confident in saying that our recovery expertise can recover data from electronic data storage media in well over 99% of cases where it's possible for the data to be recovered by anyone in the commercial field.  Over the more than twenty years that MicroCom has been recovering data (since 1989), our resident expert and chief engineer, has on several documented occasions, recovered data from damaged hard drives after famous competitors (including Ontrack) had failed or declared that retrieval was impossible or not feasible.

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