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Data Storage and IT Resources

Micro Com recommends these excellent resources for your data storage, information technology, and general computing requirements:

MacTalk for Macintosh MacTalk
The Computer Gallery - Macintosh
Apple's "WorldWide Best Store - 2000"
Woodland Hills & Ventura, California
Mexico's Premier Computer Source PC City
La Tienda de Cómputo más Especializada
. . . desde 1990
Monterrey, N.L. Mexico
Hard Drives and More...
Hard Drives & more...
Chatsworth, California
Guide to Greater Los Angeles and
Southern California

Security Solutions & Information

Abtrusion Security   Provides software and services that protect corporate networks against hackers and viruses

AppGate  Ties together all the pieces of security technology in one easy-to-use system.   Ad blocking, cookie control, plus protection from hackers and email viruses...

Hacking Exposed  Keeps up-to-date with news and events surrounding the world's most popular information system security book.

Hideaway.Net  All the resources necessary to Protect and Secure (tm) their online presence.  Offers free softwares and information about computer securities.

Inter Engineering   Dedicated in protection of valuable data with a large number of products and services.

Inxtec  Provides the most current, effective and affordable security solutions in the industry.

NetIP  Highlights information on network security to help information security professionals stay up to date in a rapidly changing environment.

Netscams  Providing the information about the use of the Internet, protecting personal interests and fostering satisfaction.

PC-3P Online   Making software and other solutions available to solve privacy and security issues.

PuterProtect  Helping you protect your privacy and your computer.

SecurityFocus  Provides objective, timely and comprehensive security information to all members of the security community.

SecurityProUSA  Your source for specialty security products and services.

SecurityStats.Com  A central repository of interesting computer security statistics.

SecurityUnit.Com  Provides information for secure protection of critical computing infrastructure and equipment against potential organized computer attacks.

STAT  Solutions for your network security needs.

Timberline Technologies  Offers Internet security consulting services to companies located in any of the 50 United States.

TopLang  Offers pc security software that can Lock your system to prevent others from accessing your computer.

TRUSTe   Everything you need to know about responsible privacy practices including special program guidelines and privacy surveys.   Provides Windows security news, articles, tutorials, software listings and reviews for information security professionals

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