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data recovery options with timely service When it comes to data recovery service, the options available for delivery of the aid and support you seek are not at all complex.  And we'd like to make it clear that there is one important aspect of MicroCom service that is not an option:  our quality of service.

What's NOT Optional — QoS:
Quality of Service and the depth of our service.  In addition to our knowledge and expertise, we are determined to make readily available to each and every client, either previous or prospecting, timely turnaround, privacy and security, honesty and respect, backed up with genuine assistance.  These values all come with what is for many people, perhaps the most important of all things—  the safety of your data (CLICK HERE to learn more).  That means, as we implement our data retrieval procedures, we expose your data to no uneccessary risk of damage.  It's just part of who we are.  We pledge to do our level best to be sure that these values are provided to every person, at every turn, on every level, every time.

Full-Service, First-Tier, Worldclass Data Recovery Services
Since data recovery is our only business, MicroCom provides service from a solid platform of over two decades of specialized, intensely focused service dedicated to re-establishing your access to your data.  This dedication has afforded us an ability to expand our technology to include expert decryption for clearing encrypted hard drive data, even cases of full drive encryption (FDE).  NOTE: "clear text/data" refers to humanly readable/usable data which replicates the original, unencrypted version of your data.  Closely related to these endeavors is the field of computer forensics implemented on defective, non-functional hard disk drives where the recorded data must be forensically preserved as legal evidence.

Subject to Your Choosing:
Commonly data recovery requirements have a decidedly urgent character.  We're flexible and stand ready to provide top tier, full scale computer data recovery service according to your business or personal needs, whether dire emergency or merely urgent, high-priority:

Turnaround Time (Monday thru Friday):

     Basic (3 - 5 day)
          Diagnosis/prognosis within about 24-36 hours
          All service cost rate quotations are based on this level of service.

     Rush (1 - 2 day)
          Diagnosis/prognosis within about 16-24 hours, performed within regular business hours, Mon-Fri.
          Service cost rate quotations are calculated as Basic Rate plus 50%.

     Priority One (Non-stop, 'round the clock, until completion)
          Qualifying hours: 3:00 pm Friday thru 8:00 am Monday); may be combined with Rush Service
          Service cost rate quotations are calculated as the Basic Rate plus 100%.

     Weekend Service (Saturday & Sunday)
          Diagnosis/prognosis as soon as possible, working around the clock.
          Please call a Technical Sales Rep for rates and availability.

Returned Data Container Media Options:

     New hard drive, internal or external (provided by MicroCom or supplied by you).
     DVD+R or CD-ROM (CDR)
     Tape cartridge: DLT, M1/M2 (8mm) or DDS (4mm)

If your hard drive is still under manufacturer's warranty, MicroCom extends the additional consideration of sending the defective hard drive back to the manufacturer for a warranty replacement.

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