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Data Storage and IT Resources

MicroCom recommends these excellent resources for your data storage, information technology, and general computing requirements:

Mexico's Premier Computer Source PC City
La Tienda de Cómputo más Especializada
. . . desde 1990
Monterrey, N.L. Mexico
MacTalk for Macintosh MacTalk
The Computer Gallery - Macintosh
Apple's "WorldWide Best Store - 2000"
Woodland Hills, Valencia, & Ventura, California
Unitek Information Technologies
Authorized sales and service for Macintosh & PCs — across the nation with three primary locations in California: Los Angeles, Encino and Pasadena.
Sky Computer Services - Your On-site Computer Repair Expert and Networking Partner Sky Computer Services, LLC
On-site Computer Repair Expert and Networking
Real People, Real Service, Real Experience
Los Angeles, California
Guide to Greater Los Angeles and
Southern California

Software Data Remediation Resources

Occasionally, unbeknownst to you, your data may have become corrupted by some unknown process, coincidentally just prior to the failure of your hard drive.  When this happens, the data recovered from your failed hard drive will be corrupted in the same way after recovery, since data may only be recovered as it pre-existed on your drive when its function ceased.  Remedy for this scenario may not be within the expertise of any data recovery expert; you'll need help from an expert specializing in the particular software application program which generated the now corrupted data.  Such an expert can reconstruct and remediate the proper data file structure and integrity so that the application can once again open its files and read the data content.  You may find some of the following resources helpful.  Provides world's most pupular softwares including audio,mp3,dvd,games,system,screensaver,spy ...

Exchange Recovery & Disaster Recovery Software
AppAssure’s Replay™ is exchange server backup & disaster recovery software.

JJTC  Provides a variety of resources related to research and application development

LockMyDoc  PatentCafe's new Natural Language search technlogy makes searching for business method and software patents even easier.

LogicSmith.Com  Resources, articles and other software related sites. - Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 / 2000 resource site  Contains latest Microsoft Exchange 2000 software, news and information regarding anti-virus, antispam, email and fax software for Outlook and Microsoft Exchange servers.   A server software directory for Network administrators & IT professionals.  Collects the best software out there.

Software Security Solutions   Provides computer security products, updates and information for all types of computer users.

Stokely Consulting  Provides project management and software services.

Vedit  Has every advanced feature you need, is easy to use, can quickly edit any file and is fully programmable.

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