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The drive is physically OK but my data has dissappeared...  Will it save me money if you just recover only my "Quickbooks" files or specific files on a list?

Our Answer:

More often than not generally it doesn't make any difference, but in this particular case it will have an impact. A word of caution though... user's often expect a direct cost proration between the number of files in a list, and the percentage of those they want to recover.

Data recovery engineers are well aware that every disk drive stores hoards of files completely unknown to most users, not to mention files that contain application program machine code that no longer has any use because the program code that wrote or recorded the user data must be reinstalled on a fresh system in order to access the recovered user-unique data. The recovery engineers are pretty familiar with focusing primarily on those areas of data they know from experience are likely to contain valuable data. This realization is built into the initial cost range applied as well as into their assessment of labor time for rebuilding file structures.

The bottom line: recovery cost is always driven by the prognosis for resources and labor time needed to complete the work in each individual case. If it makes sense in this case to do so in any particular case, then Micro Com needs to know exactly what files or folders are critical, and we can then provide the cost to retrieve them. Note too that we can give you two quotes (if there does turn out to be a difference): one for a selection only and another for a whole data set.

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