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    Optical Media Discs (DVD-R, CDR) also . . .

Data can suddenly be lost or become inaccessible due to failure of a back-up process or an associated hardware device.  Such an occurrance in the face of a primary data storage malfunction, a RAID subsystem for example, may potentially leave you with no other feasible option for critical data retrieval than recovering the media from an archival process.  Such archival has often been implemented by means of magnetic tape storage.  Tape drives, using the once widely recognized "reel-to-reel" hardware, stood for a long time as the most recognizable symbol of computer technology to the general public.  The drive shown in the image here stands nearly six feet (two meters) tall.

1970 vintage IBM half-inch, reel-to-reel vacuum-column computer tape drive; approximate storage capacity: 40 megabytes.

Since the early 1980's, the once standard reel-to-reel has been obsoleted and replaced by various and sundry types of tape cartridges (sometimes referred to as "cassettes").  The newer devices were vastly superior due to compact physical sizes, many orders of magnitude larger storage capacities, together with a containment structure (the outside of the cartridge) that protects the sensitive magnetic tape from various and sundry environmental factors:  such as human hands, and even the tape drive mechanisms themselves.

What About Data Recovery?

Data recovery from tape cartridge media can be a total nightmare, even in expert hands.  It is extremely time consuming and requires patience, perseverance and delicate expertise.  MicroCom has the experience you can trust; over twenty years accumulating expertise.

160Gb Tape Cartridge

MicroCom has many years experience recovering lost or inaccessible data, retrieving valuable information from high-end tape media such as DLT, Sony AIT & Exabyte Mammoth (8mm), as well as 4mm DDS (a.k.a. "DAT"), in addition to optical disc cartridges, CD-R/W & DVDs (Digital Versatile Disc) gone bad; in short:

      If you can't read it, we'll retrieve it!

Tape Media

Your data may be inaccessible for one or more of the following reasons:
  • Media surface contamination and damage
  • Cartridge physical damage
  • Tape has deteriorated
  • Tape is stretched, cracked or split
  • Fire or water damage
  • Accidental reformatting of tape
  • Accidental erasure of tape
  • Tape has become entangled or un-spooled
  • Tape headers are overwritten or corrupted
  • Tape cartridge appears to be blank or contain only partial data
  • Tape cannot read past a damaged segment
  • (EOD) marker appears too soon

Whatever the cause, whatever the reason, MicroCom has the expertise to recover data from your inaccessible tape or optical disc media...

Optical Media

Potential causes for failure are:
  • Sector read errors
  • Disc "not formatted" errors
  • Corrupted file system

We are called MicroCom Worldwide Data Recovery because data recovery is all we do — all day long.  Don't let another minute go by wondering what to do about your data loss situation.

Do it!  Call for a FREE Consultation . . .

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MicroCom Worldwide Data Recovery
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