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Data Storage and IT Resources

Micro Com recommends these excellent resources for your data storage, information technology, and general computing requirements:

MacTalk for Macintosh MacTalk
The Computer Gallery - Macintosh
Apple's "WorldWide Best Store - 2000"
Woodland Hills & Ventura, California
Mexico's Premier Computer Source PC City
La Tienda de Cómputo más Especializada
. . . desde 1990
Monterrey, N.L. Mexico
Hard Drives and More...
Hard Drives & more...
Chatsworth, California
Guide to Greater Los Angeles and
Southern California

Technical Resources & Support  Technical help, advice, tips, recommendations, web site support, network support, security reviews, data recovery, search engine submission.

Computeam  Provides on-site support for any network maintenance, network installation, network cabling or workstation needs.

Data Entry  Openworld Data provides data entry, data capture, data processing, xml, ocr conversion and document scanning services..  The definitive online resource for IT Professionals who deploy, manage, and support Microsoft products and services.

McDonnel Computer System  Providing technical support and offering sales of computer equipment to large and small companies.  Providing Online help on various Linux topics and area's.  Provides computer users with high quality online repair and support services.

TandA  Offers Computer support - hardware, software, internet, web pages.

Tech Support Alert  A Guide to the Web's Best Technical Support Resources  Find good technical information on all topics relating to networking and computer technology.

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