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Sophisticated Platform Data Retrieval

Serious hardware for serious platform Data Recovery is as much an art as it is a science.  For hard disk failure, for inode fault, for damaged superblocks, for the solution to remediate lost access to your repository of Linux or Unix data, just call.  The intricacies involved in the process of recovering data, especially when stored in sophisticated file systems, may require enormous amounts of expertise.  There are several flavors, multiple varieties.  Just one mistake caused by "Windows-heavy" inexperience can produce a fatal outcome.  Our chief engineer has over 28 years experience and knows every trick in the book.  If we can't get your data back, it's unlikely that anyone can...  Go where you can be sure to find experience you can trust.

Data-striped storage arrays or RAID subsystems present a severe technical challenge to many service providers — consult MicroCom with confidence.  We have long-standing experience and success with all types of high performance RAID-5 devices and appliances, RAID-6, RAID-10, you name it.

More Than Just Hard Drives:
We retrieve "lost" data from all Hard Drives, high-end Tape media such as DLT, Exabyte Mammoth & Sony AIT, Optical Disk cartridges, even problem CD-R/W & DVD discs; in short:  we'll extract and reconstruct any data that can no longer be accessed by your system.

We will never turn down a recovery opportunity regardless of the complexity involved. In fact, the greater the challenge, the harder we work at making sure you get your data back. We retrieve data from all media. Whether it's a floppy disk, CD or Tape, the hard drive from your desktop / laptop or a RAID, we can get your data back!

Here's what another MicroCom data recovery client had to say...

" ... I sent the recalcitrant drive to a company that boasted a 96% retrieval success rate.  But I must have been among the 4% failures... I contacted MicroCom... working with expertise, intelligence, and persistence, they were able to find and piece together almost all of my irreplaceable material."
Dr. Beth R. Neman @ Wilmington College

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